Digital nomad destination: Zadar, Croatia

Since I grew up here some may argue I am biased but Zadar is really one of my favorite zen places to be. Becoming a digital nomad made me see my hometown differently as now I didn’t just come here on holidays – it became one of the locations I come to work and relax. I made a video that can help you if you want to come to Zadar as a digital nomad, but please feel free to comment or contact me on Instagram for any help or suggestion (and if there’s a chance maybe a nice cuppa tea).

12 things to know about Zadar

  1. Fifth-largest and oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city
  2. Previously a Roman colony and administrative and cultural center of the Venetian territories in Dalmatia
  3. Official language is Croatian but a lot of people speak english fluently
  4. Great weather, even during winter, a lot of sunny days (possible to swim in the sea from May until October)
  5. Really cozy place to work with friendly people and 45 Mbps speed is COIN Coworking
  6. A lot of cool places to visit nearby on the coast or even islands (Ugljan and Pašman are nearest)
  7. Very green area, a lot of parks in the old town but also a lot of nature and national parks nearby – Paklenica set against the Velebit Mountains, Krka where you can swim under the waterfalls, Kornati Islands, Telašćica, Vrana Lake – ornithological reserve and world famous Plitvice a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  8. Named “Best European Destination” by more than a quarter million voters in 2016
  9. National currency is Croatian Kuna but a lot of places accept credit cards
  10. You can get around by public bus, Uber or even a small boat operated by barkarijoli kind of like Venetian gondolas connecting the old city peninsula with the coast
  11. There is free wifi in the city but there are affordable mobile wifi options in Croatia if you want to always stay connected.
  12. Sun is a major part of this city, Alfred Hitchcock said Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, observe it while listening to the musical sounds of the sea organ played by the sea and the wind on the Greeting to the Sun monument

The zen culture

Living here is really zen-like, as the favorite activity includes drinking coffee with friends sometimes sitting in cafes for hours just talking and soaking up the sun. After that make sure you try local Maraschino liqueur made from special Marasca cherries.
My favorite places to have tea (since I don’t drink coffee) are:

  • Hotel Almayer
  • Cake Shop ART
  • La Bodega
  • The Garden

I like to eat in:

  • Restaurant Bruschetta
  • 2Fisherman restaurant
  • and a lot of small places in a part of old city called Varoš, close to the seafront

Make sure to check my instagram if you want more recommendations and feel free to contact me if you need any suggestions.

COIN Coworking

Currently the only coworking place in Zadar is really close to the old city peninsula by walking.
They have three monthly options a MINI, MIDI and a MAXI one ranging from 20 to 120 euros per month that include use of the coworking area, the meeting room, the multimedia room and a discount on COIN programmes.
Other than a monthly fee you can also choose voucher options with differeny usage rights according to your needs that can be used in a three month period. Check details on

How does Zadar stack up to Thai coworking places?
Since I didn’t yet visit Thailand I asked my friend Branka for a comparison with this popular nomad destination. She is a designer and co-owner of the nomadic creative agency Illeconcept mostly working in COIN Zadar.  She explored some global coworkings with agency co-owner Simon that is mostly working in Pula, Istria. You can watch whole conversation in the video, but this sums it up:

“We were in Thailand for some time and the work in coworking in Thailand is similar to that in Zadar. You have all possible benefits and opportunities as over here. There are no differences, I might even prefer Zadar because of the people affability, though they are like that in Thailand also, but you simply have to choose where you want to go.

I’m telling you, I didn’t even think about it before, but there really is no difference with Thailand. So you come to a coworking, open a laptop, talk to people, work, laugh and leave. Same as here.”

If you’re coming to COIN it would be cool if you could contact them in advance (even though it is not obligatory, that could make it easier for you to reserve a spot). Slavica Kosović is a manager and a host there, so have a look in the video if you want to see what she’s like and what she has to say about this community. I kinda feel like she is that sort of person you meet and feel instantly connected to, even though you only spent an hour with her. 🙂

Why Croatia for digital nomads?

I am going to leave it to Slavica to explain why:

“Because the weather is perfect, you can work here and we live quite relaxed, you have enough time to enjoy it, sun, sea, nature and people, food, and you have a great place to work in, like this one.”
If you are interested in seeing more videos like this one for Croatian digital nomad destinations please comment below or message me with location suggestions, I will take it into considerations for my next nomad video.

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    1. Great 🙂 Zadar is really great in the fall, literally people are still swimming in the sea right now and there are not many tourists so it’s not too crowded. If you need any info feel free to ask here or contact me on my instagram @tomislavpancirov. 🙂


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